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Composting SachetsUpdated 5 days ago

All of our Fresh Scents sachets have an Eco-Friendly, 100% biodegradable stamp on each envelope.

The product consists of a paper envelope with vermiculite and fragrance oil inside. It will decompose on its own over time.

If composting, please note the following information below:

This product is 100% biodegradable and can be composted. However, please make sure that your product is not composted for reuse on vegetation for either human or animal consumption.

There may be trace amounts of fragrance still in the product that can permeate your compost and could affect the flavor of the produce.

Please wait until after 9 months from the manufacture date to compost so as not to leech fragrance into any waterways. 

We would not advise burning the product if you have a compost pile for burning. 


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