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Sachet 101

For such a simple product, we sure get a lot of inquiries about sachets. What is a sachet, how do I use my sachet, how are they made, etc. We hope you find the answer to your questions below. Feel free to reach out to us on social @myfreshscents if w

What is a sachet?

Simply put, a sachet is a versatile, flameless air freshener!. Pronounced sa-shay, they consist of a paper envelope filled with fragrance oils and vermiculite, sort of like fancy dirt. The vermiculite absorbs our proprietary fragrance before being pu

How to Use a Sachet

Picture this: you receive a package in the mail, and it smells so good! When you open it, you find something called a scented sachet packet with a beautiful design and even better fragrance. You take a deep breath, inhaling the scent, and it smells s

What is inside a Sachet ?

Our scented sachets are made of a blend of vermiculite and fragrance. Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral that is extracted from soil. We use it in our scented sachets because it is porous and absorbs our fragrance. Our fragrance formulation

Composting Sachets

All of our Fresh Scents sachets have an Eco-Friendly, 100% biodegradable stamp on each envelope. The product consists of a paper envelope with vermiculite and fragrance oil inside. It will decompose on its own over time. If composting, please note th

Are your products Vegan?

While we do not intentionally add any animal-derived ingredients to our products, we are not a certified vegan facility.

Are your products organic?

It is not feasible to formulate a home fragrance product as organic. It would make our products very expensive, it could deplete natural resources, and our products would not have the same signature scents that you know and love. We adhere to strict

Are your products 100% natural?

We use a blend of natural and synthetic ingredients. Please keep in mind that just because a product uses all-natural materials does not mean that it is safer or contains fewer allergens. All of our fragrance ingredients adhere to strict safety stand

Seasonal Fragrances

Do you love the holidays and can't get enough of those feel-good aromas? We totally understand! All of our holiday fragrances are available from June 1 - to December 15th every year to ensure you have the freshest product.  Please check back during o

How long do sachets last?

Sachets last for up to nine months from the manufacturing date on the back of the packaging. But please note, for extra stinky situations like trash bins, you may need to replace your sachets more frequently. To find out when is best to replace your

What's the difference between Fresh Scents and Sparkle City sachets?

Great question! Both brands are made here at our headquarters in upstate South Carolina. Sparkle City was originally introduced to give an even more affordable way to fragrance your space.While Fresh Scents offers sachets in 3pks with 345mL of profes

Do you test your products on animals?

We do not test on animals here in our fragrance laboratory and do not hire any 3rd parties to do animal testing for us. We do not intentionally use animal-based products, but we cannot make any claims about the testing process of the raw ingredients

Should I open my sachet?

In a word, no. Opening a sachet will result in a bit of a mess. The fragrance oil will be exposed to different surfaces that it’s not meant to interact with, and this can result in discoloration or damage to that surface, which we always want to avoi

Should I separate my 3 pack of sachets?

Choosing to separate the sachets is totally up to you! Those who want a stronger fragrance throw might choose to keep their 3pack stapled, while those who want to spread the scent throughout their space may separate.

The fragrance did not last...

We recommend giving the sachets a shake to redistribute the fragrance oil and boost the fragrance throw. As a reminder, our sachets are freshest within nine months of making, this date can be found on the back of your sachet envelope. If it's been a