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Sachet 101Updated a month ago

What Is A Sachet?


For such a simple product, we sure get a lot of inquiries about sachets. What is a sachet, how do I use my sachet, how are they made, etc. We hope you find the answer to your questions below. Feel free to reach out to us on social @myfreshscents if we missed any questions.

When to use a Sachet?

Always, every day. Use a scented sachet whenever you want to take your favorite scent on the go or you want to make your home smell amazing.

What are sachets bags used for? 

Our sachet bags are used to hold home-grown fragrance and vermiculite, which is like fancy dirt.

Where to buy sachets?

You can get sachet envelopes right here on our site or at a number of trusted chain and independent stores across the country. Check out our store locator

What is the material of the sachet envelope?

Special paper that diffuses fragrance over the course of about 9 months from the manufacturing date on the back. It's biodegradable, too!

How does a sachet work? 

Vermiculate absorbs our proprietary fragrances. We put that scented vermiculite in the sachet. The scented envelope diffuses the fragrance for you to enjoy! 

Is sachet a real word?

Yes, it's a real word. We didn't make it up, although we wish we did! 

How do you pronounce sachet?


it's like you start to say "sassy" but you quit halfway through and say the first half of "shade" instead.

Are sachets for drawers?

Not really a question, but just so you know, our sachets are the kind you want to place in your drawers with a piece of fabric or paper between the sachet and your furniture

Need more ideas on how to use your sachet? No worries, here is a great start! 

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